Not many talent can say they made it to Vince McMahon’s WWF/WWE. The realistic statistics on how many make it to the top was staggering when I worked, but now take into account how much of the talent that moves up is second generation.

I’m proud to say that I made it to the top of Pro-Wrestling as far as working and jobs go. I made it to the top on my own without any family or rubs. Pat Patterson also never had a thing for me, and I still ended up on TV.  How many men can say that?

Many of you may have the old hardcopy version of my book from 2008, but this version pulls no punches and is a fun read:



What happened to the world where people realized not everyone can be winners? What happened to the world where people realize that all good things come to an end? Self actualization and being aware of one’s place in this world is difficult, but add in whatever spark of personality it takes to be a wrestler… and retirement, getting old, and aging out can be a confused disaster. Trust me, I know.

Not every man can find a wife half his age, get a MASTERS, and have a toddler after 50.

So I present the new Article: Wrestling Entitlements.


Click here to get your copy of the 2014 Winter Edition of IHWE Magazine.

I for one would like to welcome David and the IHWE to I can’t speak for the executive director Daryl, but I certainly appreciate the fact a hard-working and genuine fellow like David chose us to help get the IHWE magazine into your sweaty, shaking with anticipation, hands. This first issue includes photos of some of the greatest IHWE moments from 2014, including the 2014 Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony of which yours truly somehow wormed his way into being a inductee. Maybe I should say I was chosen for induction, as my inclusion in the Southern Hall Of Fame is an honor I am truly proud of regardless of how I ended up there. Don Carson once said we never ask how the stud won, just if… and I was one of the winners in 2014 with my induction into the Hall of Fame. Besides these beautiful photos, there are plenty of great shots from the years past IHWE events.

And it’s my understanding Jim Cornette has written an article for this issue of the magazine. I don’t know the man beyond greeting each other a few times, but he’s someone I can’t help but respect on a professional level. Besides thinking the world of James E. for what he has to say about Vince Russo, I have to admire a man that speaks his mind like James E. always does. Agree or disagree, you always know where James E. stands on an issue, and really, what more can anyone really ask for? I have a feeling the readers of the IHWE won’t come away disappointed as James E. has always delivered the goods.

Enjoy. Thank you David for being a friend and here’s hoping we all get rich off the wrestling business while we’re still young enough to spell wrestling.