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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening…you know which one it is for you at this moment. My Daryl has talked me into starting this little venture. We decided to start a clearing house of sorts that not only saves and preserves some of the history of pro wrestling from the corporate and smark revisionists that need stories to feed their template, but hopefully will allow a few individuals to show another side to themselves.

So many fans want to learn about the wrestling business from the view of the people at the top of the ladder. Not everyone in wrestling lives life at the top, but their stories are every bit as interesting and compelling as they continue chasing a dream that only happens for a select few. Or maybe, just maybe, they did experience some of the fun at the top of the territories and now they sit back and remain grateful for what they had.

Many of the people currently running up and down the highways and bi-ways in pursuit of that elusive dream have just as interesting stories as the big stars flying all over the world. And some of the retired folks really have a lot to share. Some of the stories will be humorous, others not so much.

Others, like my buddy James Beard, have so many stories and tall tales, they don’t all fit into one book. (Or two) And this is a place they can fill in some of the blanks that didn’t make the final edit. A place they can finish what they started and maybe have you wanting to read what they did finish.

Another side to the talent I said? Why yes I did. Creativity for so many of these individuals doesn’t begin and end at the dressing room door. Many have great ideas with no real outlet. Maybe we can offer an outlet to some of the fictional stories created during the long hours spent driving down a lonely road.

Hopefully, you’ll find something you like here and return for more.

Dusty Wolfe